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About Us

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Family is Everything!

It all began in 2017.  For several years my husband and I dreamed of finding something we could create together and put our heart and soul into.  In 2017 the opportunity for us to purchase the previous FroYo shop and create something of our own delivered itself to us.  Family and home are a very important part of our lives.  We wanted to create an environment that reminded you of the comfort of home.  Where family come to  celebrate the happy moments in life and build family traditions.  We loved the idea of being able to make our roots in a community that we have grown to love.  

Why Twisted Roots?

I am asked many times how we came up with the name Twisted Roots?  Not a name one would typically associate with a FroYo shop.  Maybe thats the reason we fell in love with it.  How did we view ourselves?  What were we hoping to get from this venture?  These are all questions we asked ourselves as we had a family brainstorming session about what we would call ourselves.  At the top of our list was family and community.  We were happy to develop roots in our community.  Providing service and product that would make our community feel good and like they were part of our bigger family.  We viewed the "roots" in our name as being part of something bigger, community and family.  The "Twisted" comes from the twist formed in the soft serve and also like branches on a tree we will entwine and twist ourselves in the larger community.